Brenda Bledsoe resides in Loxley, AL.  She performs throughout the Gulf Coast area, both solo, and with the band GypsySpark.  "The greatest gift as a performer is when listeners not only hear, but also feel my songs."  

Brenda's songwriting is inspired by the many places she has lived, and people who've impacted her life.  She has a crystal clear voice with an Americana/folk style, and sings with heart-felt intensity.  Local fans often refer to her as "Emmy Lou", with soft, soulful vocals.  Brenda's musical influences range from Alison Krauss and Stevie Nicks, to Natalie Merchant, John Denver and Jewell. She performs a vast repertoire of both original songs and familiar cover tunes, and captures audiences with her dreamy Native American flute music.

Brenda is releasing her first solo record in July, Feel The World, co-produced by her bandmate, singer-songwriter Jimmy Lumpkin.  GypsySpark released their debut album, World Shakers, in 2019.  Please join her mailing list at the bottom of the HOME page for performance times and contact info.